Quick-Loader Ratchet Straps

A cargo strap that secures cargo on vehicles much FASTER and EASIER
A cargo strap that saves you TIME and MONEY.
It was about time that QUICKLOADER came on the market.





QUICKLOADER uses the same fabric and locking mechanism as traditional straps. The new feature that we have added is a seatbelt-
like roll-out mechanism that makes attachment and removal easier, thereby reducing strapping time by up to 50%, depending on the platform and load.

Fasten, roll out, jack and lock – it couldn’t be easier. Feedback from the market is good. Drivers who have tested QUICKLOADER are all enthusiastic and confi rm that the system is effective and saves time.

We are convinced that you will also see the advantages of QUICKLOADER immediately when you start using it. Save time and money and give drivers a better working day!