Towing and Recovery

Super Slings towing or recovery straps are made with 1 & 2 ply nylon, at any length required, with reinforced eyes to prolong strap life. Nylon tow straps work almost like a rubber band; while pulling , the strap wants to go back to its normal size, it has no choice but to transfer the energy to the vehicle that is stuck, pulling it out.

Tips for Towing:

  • Before using strap, make sure sling is in good condition
  • Never attach a tow strap to another vehicle with a knot
  • Cover the strap with a blanket to prevent injury by projectile if the strap happens to break
  • Make sure debris, such as, logs, rocks and especially people, are clear of the towing area
  • Drive slowly when pulling the vehicle out. Sudden jerks and tugs can damage the strap and or vehicle
  • Keep your head inside the vehicle
  • Put your hood up when pulling in reverse
  • Always be careful, cautious and aware at all times

Super Slings towing or recovery ropes are made with the highest quality, domestically manufactured, Samson brand nylon rope.