General Hardware


Bulk Chain

Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain – low carbon steel

A general utility chain for farm, industry and home applications.


Machine Chain – low carbon steel

Machine chain is a short link chain used mainly where flexibility in a compact chain is required.

Passing Link Chain – low steel carbon

A general utility chain that resist kinking due to the link design.

Plastic Chain

General decorative use.

Single Jack Chain – steel

Ideal chain for hanging lighting fixtures, flower pots and other domestic type light objects.

Sash Chain - Steel

“Hex” Anti-Theft Chain

Hex chain is a high alloy chain drawn in a six sided (hexagonal) shape and heat treated to be extremely hard. The hex shape does not allow a bolt cutter to get the proper bite to permit them to cut the chain. It is ideal for securing equipment or portable tools at a job site or for general purpose security use. Sold in full drums or custom cut at the factory to the users required length.

STOCK #: H2916-0812
Trade size: 7/16” x 400’
Finish: Blue
Weight: 750 Lbs./Per Drum
Factory package: Full Drum
Order unit: Ft.

STOCK #: H2990-0812
Trade size: 7/16” x 400’
Finish: Blue
Factory package: Custom Cut
Order unit: Ft.

Anti-Theft Chain Lock

Anti-Theft Chain & Lock Kit

Padlock body is made from Stainless A304 material with a magnesium shackle. The lock body extends up to protect the shackle from allowing bolt cutters to access it. Lock comes with 4 double notch cut reversible keys that can not be removed unless the lock is closed and secure.

STOCK #: H4920-1200
Shackle Length: 1”
Finish: Stainless

Retail packaged kit includes 5 ft. of Hex Chain covered with a 4 ft. protective sleeve and a Stainless Hex Chain Lock. They are all packaged in a convenient nylon storage bag. Each complete kit is individually boxed.

STOCK #: H2992-6812
Chain Length: 5’