Block and Sheaves


In order to ensure peak efficiency and extended service life it is necessary that the blocks be inspected and maintained at frequent intervals. Consider the following points:

Inspect products for any signs of wear or damage.

These include:

  • Worn sheaves, bushings, side plates, pins, hooks, or shackles.
  • Hook latch for proper fit and operation. Deformed latches must be replaced.
  • Deformed side plates, pin hooks, and shackles. Worn, deformed or damaged parts of the block and any other part used in the assembly must be replaced. If necessary, the entire assembly needs to be removed from service.
  • Blocks are furnished with bronze bushings. This type of bushing is not self-lubricating. These blocks are intended for infrequent and intermittent use with low line speeds.
  • Follow this lubrication schedule:
    • Moderate use: every 8 hours
    • Intermittent operations: Once a week.


The total load on the snatch block, and therefore also on any fitting which is attached to the block, is usually considerably greater than the actual load lifted. The deciding factor in determining the total load on the block is the angle between the lead line and the load line.

Snatch Blocks With Hook

Snatch Blocks with Shackle


Wire Rope Blocks

Blocks & Sheaves Yarding Blocks

  • Strong, all steel construction Roler bearing, high carbon steel sheave Zerk type grease fitting on all sizes


Snatch Blocks

  • Cast iron sheave
  • Available with single or double sheave
  • Powder metallurgy bushings for improved oil retention




Single Sheave

  • Cast iron
  • Bronze bushings