Break and Worm Gear Winches

Break Winch

D-L Brake winches are suitable for many lifting and lowering applications such as raising boats on davits or raising and lowering sailboats keels. Self-locking brake winches provide additional safety and control for many lifting and pulling jobs. The automatic friction brake supplies constant, positive holding action and prevents a runaway load. The Brake is fully automatic and the load remains in position any time the handle is released. A load is required to pull line from the winch drum.

Brake Winch Features

  • Laminated high carbon steel gears are heat treated for longer life.
  • Embossed, reinforced bases for extra strength.
  • Meets ASAE Safety Standard S361.3.
  • Handle is integral part of braking mechanism.
  • Cable clamp standard. Cable NOT included.
  • Ratcheting handle for limited cranking space is available.
  • DLB series available in powder coated copper, bronze or zinc plated TUFFPLATE finish 
  • DLB models have brake winch safety and drugged construction at an economical price. DLB series available in powder coated copper, bronze or z inc plated TUFFPLATE finish.

Warning: All D-L brake winches are built for multipurpose hauling and lifting operations. They are not to be used as hoists for lifting supporting or transporting people, or for loads over areas where people could be present.

Worm Gear Hand Winches

Worm Gear Winches - are designed for applications requiring safe controlled movement of loads. The reel automatically stops turning whenever cranking is stopped. This means no freewheel mode and no special mechanism required to stop reel gear movement. Worm gear winches may be used for raising boats on davits, and raising and lowering retractable swing keels on sailboats. These types of winches do not require a minimum load for operation.

**NOTE**: Cable not included on winches.