Tongs and Grabs

Model PLT Pipe Tongs

Product Features:

  • Pipe Tongs are made of sturdy construction to handle pipe, round bars and cast pipe.
  • Tongs are provided with steel curved gripping arms.
  • Optional replaceable polyurethane pads available to protect smooth or polished surfaces.
  • Load must be balanced and controlled when lifting.
  • Use in pairs with a lifting/spreader beam for added stability.
  • Complies with ASME standards.


Model VDG - Vertical Drum Grab

Product Features:

  • This vertical drum grab is ideal for handling closed or open* steel drums.
  • No fasteners, binders, or rings to put around drum.
  • Grab allows drums to be closely stored to maximize floor space.
  • Grab will not damage drum.
  • Complies with ASME standards.