Bolt-On Hardware

Super Slings Inc. stocks several brands & types of eye bolts and bolt on hardware, including RUD,Yoke, Crosby & Vanguard Steel. Eye Bolts are a rigging accessory that typically consist of a threaded bolt or rod with a main ring to
facilitate lifting. Because there are a wide variety of eye bolts to choose from, ensure you are aware of all the proper
usage information and lift specifications before making your decision. You need to determine all of these variables and select the eye bolt that has the right capacity and thread type for the material you are lifting. Also, you need to know what orientation the material is positioned in at the beginning of the lift, and what orientation it needs to end up in at the end of the lift. This is important because some eye bolts lift vertically only, others in a 90 degree range motion, and others that can move 180 or even 360 degrees. Please contact your Super Slings representative for assistance in deciding which product is best suited for your application.

RUD Starpoint Eye Bolt & Nut Gray Eyebolts Shoulder Nut Eye Bolts
RUD VLBG Lifting Ring RUD WBG Lifting Ring Yoke Swivel Hoist Rings